Why Join the Military With a Bachelor’s Degree?

Having a MILITARY BACHELORS DEGREE is extremely advantageous for anyone considering signing up after completing four years of college. Some people will tell you that it’s a waste of a college degree to enlist in the military, but that’s not necessarily true. So why should someone in possession of a bachelor’s degree join the military after all those years of challenging coursework? Here are four convincing reasons why it can be a great idea for any college graduate, especially those who had previous interest in serving the country.

Start out as an Officer

Individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree prior to enlisting get the chance to become a military officer after completion of Officer Candidate School or Officer Training School and basic training. Officers lead and supervise platoons of 15 to 40 service members, and they are essential to the structure and function of the military. There are many benefits of being an officer including higher pay, more privileges, better treatment, being a leader, and more. Those who are on the officer track also gain more formal education, which leads to gaining more skills that can be applied to civilian jobs if they choose to leave the military.

Better Pay

One of the most alluring reasons to join the military after college is for the pay. There are obviously many better paying jobs in the civilian world, but this huge jump in pay can push someone who was simply considering enlisting to actually sign on the dotted line. Since most people who have a MILITARY BACHELORS DEGREE begin their careers as an officer, they start out at an entry-level officer’s pay grade. According to Military Factory, a new officer with O-1 pay grade earns $3655.50 per month as of 2014. An entry-level service member with no bachelor’s degree and four months or more of active duty would only earn $1531.50 per month. As you can see, a college graduate would earn nearly 2.4 times the pay of somebody who didn’t complete their bachelor’s degree.

Greater Potential for Promotion and Job Swapping

Individuals with MILITARY BACHELORS DEGREES have more potential to be promoted because formal education is highly regarded in the military. They usually have a larger set of general skills and specific knowledge of one or more areas of study, and that means their talents can be used for various types of military jobs. Consequently, switching jobs is easier if you aren’t satisfied with your current job. After all, being in the military doesn’t mean that you’re always on the battlefield. There are plenty of “ordinary” jobs in the military ranging from engineering and medical types to computer and culinary types.

Loan Repayment Programs

Many college graduates take out large amounts of student loans. If you have a bachelor’s degree in the military, you may qualify for a loan repayment program. All branches of the military offer some from of repayment for college loans, but the amount and requirements will vary. For example, those who join the Army generally receive up to $20,000 to pay back student loans, according to Recruiters Never Lie. This financial aid is another attractive aspect of joining the military after graduating from college.

There are many reasons why you should consider enlisting with the military after getting a bachelor’s degree. Better pay, more work opportunities, and loan repayment aid are just a few of those pros. If you have a MILITARY BACHELORS DEGREE, you’ll definitely start off in a good place after joining the armed forces.

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