Where Do I Find Out If a Military Degree Program is Accredited or Not?

militayNothing is worse than finding out that the hard work you put into your degree means nothing in the real world. After spending four years or more to complete that degree, you want to know that it will help you land a job and that your employer will look at your educational background in a positive way. Before you decide on a school for Military History, you need to know that the school has the right accreditation. You can find out that information in a few different ways before you enroll.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation means that the school follows a strict series of standards that ensures every student receives the same level of training. You might hear some horror stories from students who completed online degree programs quickly without learning anything useful. An accredited school will follow each student closely, assign counselors to each student and track their individual progress. If students have any problems, the school will take steps to fix those problems. Colleges and universities often have state and national accreditation from certain bodies, but some schools will also have specialty accreditation, which comes from specific bodies and organizations within that field.

Running a Database Search

The United States Department of Education has its own database that lists every school in the country and the accreditation that each school has. If you have an interest in more than one college, you can download a packet of information that shows you every college in the country. Look at each school that offers a military degree program to see what type of accreditation those schools have. If you plan to enroll in a specific school, you can do a simple search for that school. The database will then tell you what type of accreditation that campus has.

Checking with the School

Checking with the school itself is one of the easiest ways to check on the validity of the school. A good school will have no problem giving you that information, and many schools will even list that information on its official website. If school officials hesitate to give you the names of its accrediting bodies, you’ll know that it isn’t a good school. Once you have the name of those accrediting bodies, do a little research on your own time. You might find that one of those companies gives accreditation to dozens of schools without looking at the courses or professors.

Avoiding Scams

You need to know how to avoid scams when it comes to military degree programs. According to Devon Hayne, accreditation mills use legitimate names to fool students into thinking that some schools have the proper accreditation. These companies will actually offer accreditation to any school that pays a high enough fee. Those schools will then take money from students, push them through different military programs and let them graduate with a degree that means little. Before you take a school at face value, it’s important that you research the accrediting body behind that school.

Students can fall victim to scams when attending both online and offline programs. Diploma mills often list false accreditation to lure students into a false sense of confidence. By the time you finish the program, you wasted thousands of dollars on something you can’t use. Always research any school with the Department of Education before enrolling in a military degree program.