What Types of Political Jobs Can I Get With A Military Degree?

Political jobsYour military degree programs teaches you a lot about research and writing, and you’ll find that you qualify for different types of political jobs with a military degree. College programs of this type give enlisted men and women more freedom. You can complete assignments and mail your projects back to your professors, you can learn through online program when you have access to a computer and you can even take courses on different campuses. With your degree in hand, you might find yourself drawn to a political position.

Political Journalist

As a military student, you spend a lot of time researching topics and writing papers on your own, and those skills will translate well into journalism positions. As a political journalist, you work with editors at magazines, newspapers and websites. Though some people think that these journalists only work during the campaign season or around elections, you’ll work all year long. You create content not just about politicians but also about upcoming campaigns, important government decisions and breaking news. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that journalists make a median salary of more than $37,000 a year.

Advocacy Expert

Other types of political jobs with a military degree include advocacy positions. As an advocate, you focus on bringing awareness to a topic that interests you. Some advocates run fundraising events to raise money for cancer awareness and other diseases, while other advocates write papers and travel the world to gain more attention for a specific topic. As long as you believe in change, you can find work for various organizations and nonprofit groups. Lecturers speak to students in schools about body image, drinking and driving and bullying, while other lecturers attend events at college campuses to talk about how a disease changed their lives.

Campaign Advisor

Do you love the idea of working in the middle of the campaign trail? Campaign advisers handle dozens of tasks every day. They hire and coordinate volunteers, arrange for transportation and hotel stays while on the campaign trail and they write and edit press releases for magazines and newspapers. Campaign advisors often remain with one politician until the end of a campaign and then go to work for another politician. You might find yourself working with two or more politicians within a single year.

Political Science Professor

Teaching is one of the more popular types of political jobs with a military degree. You already know the difficulties associated with working as a student and serving your country at the same time, and you’ll better understand the difficulties that your students face as well. Political Science professors write and edit their own textbooks or teach from textbooks created by others. They assign papers and projects, monitor tests, grade examinations and assignments and answer any questions that their students have. Depending on the job that you take, you might teach a single class each semester and work a full-time job, but you can also teach multiple courses as a full-time professor.

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Many military students find that it takes more time and work to finish their degrees than it would take a tradition student, but you’ll learn skills that other students don’t possess. Before or after you finish your degree, consider the types of political jobs with a military degree that are open to you, including teaching and writing jobs.