What Types of Management Jobs are Good for Former Military?

Construction WorkerVeterans returning to the civilian workforce may be surprised to learn that there are several types of management jobs that are good for former military. Being enlisted in the Armed Forces provides the practical skill sets needed to segue perfectly into the boardroom. Ending your military service doesn’t have to be stressful because you’ve acquired valuable job skills that are in high demand across all sectors. Even if you only have a bachelor’s degree or less, employers will look favorably upon your real-world military experience. You could quickly be promoted into management positions with high salary potential. If you’re ready to hang up your uniform for a suit and tie, the following are some of the best management jobs for veterans.

Construction Manager

During your time in the military, you may have gained experience building bridges, buildings, dams, and bunkers. This could help you obtain a high-level civilian job as a construction manager. Construction managers are responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting, and overseeing the development of residential or commercial structures, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Construction management is a great job for former military because you possess the leadership and technical skills needed to keep projects on track. Construction managers earn an average annual salary of $94,590.

IT Project Manager

Whether you’ve been in the military for two or ten years, you’ve had significant training in state-of-the-art technology systems involved in carrying out security missions. It’s possible to translate these skills into a corporate position as an IT project manager. Also called information technology managers, IT project managers are responsible for directing all computer-related aspects of their company’s operations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Veterans make excellent IT project managers because they know how to protect networks from cyber security breaches. For keeping computer systems running smoothly, IT project managers make a mean yearly wage of $136,280.

Emergency Management Director

Former military looking to keep promoting national security could be the perfect fit for being emergency management directors, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These directors are given the responsibility of preparing for and leading the response to natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other emergencies. Being an emergency management director requires quick decision-making skills, leadership abilities, and a calm attitude under pressure, which most veterans possess in spades. In exchange for minimizing the risk of disasters, emergency management directors bring home an average income of $69,810 annually.

Human Resources Manager

With constant military reassignments, you’ve developed the flexibility needed to manage transitions, adopt to new regulations, and work with others. It’s a fairly logical move to use these professional abilities as a human resources manager. HR managers are given the hefty task of coordinating the personnel functions of an organization, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Former military will use their interpersonal strengths to hire staff, train new employees, administer employee services, and consult with top executives on strategic workforce planning. Human resources managers are rewarded with an average yearly salary of $114,140.

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Although transitioning from life overseas back on the homefront is tough, veterans shouldn’t fret, since their military skills can be applied in many in-demand civilian jobs. Upon discharge, it’s advised that you survey your career interests and fulfill any prerequisite education requirements needed. Simply having military experience, especially as an officer, will dazzle your resume with many employers though. In addition to these types of management jobs that are good for former military, you could consider becoming a marketing manager, engineering manager, financial manager, operations manager, real estate manager, sales manager, and more.