What Types of Jobs Are Available With a Military History Degree?

Military History DegreeMilitary history degree programs look closely at how different military forces operated in battle, and many students want to know more about the jobs available with a military history degree after they graduate. Despite this being a highly specialized field, there are a number of jobs available with the government, military and public and private organizations. The research skills that you learn and your knowledge of the military can help you go far.

Military Analyst

The Central Intelligence Agency is just one government agency that hires those with a military history degree. An old adage says that those who fail to look at history are doomed to repeat it. The knowledge that you gain in the military world can help you see how forces acted in the past and the likelihood that those forces will respond in similar ways in the future. A military analyst can look at the movements of troops and various factors to determine how those forces will act. You will usually need to go through a series of different background checks and tests before you can work for the military or government.

College Professor

One of the jobs available with a military history degree is that of a college professor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, college professors earn a median salary of nearly $69,000 a year and the job outlook for this profession is high. As a military history professor, you have the chance to excite students and interest them in the subject. Most professors also work in research as they teach, and some professors travel the world as guest lecturers talking with students across the country about the history of different military actions and wars.

Curator and Archival Jobs

If you prefer working on your own and being around historical documents, you might consider a job as a curator or as an archivist. Curators and archivists work for the military, in private museums, in libraries and in other organizations. They are the ones responsible for bringing in new items for the collection. They work with people interested in making donations and go over those donations to ensure they can legally accept the artifacts and that the artifacts will add something to the collection. Archivists and curators also work behind the scenes to preserve those artifacts for future generations.

Military Author

The research and writing skills that you develop during your studies can also help you as an author. Military author is one of the more popular jobs available with a military history degree. There are hundreds of writers around the world who make money writing about different battles, military forces and individuals who helped in war efforts. Stephen Ambrose and other authors even saw their works optioned for adaptations on television and on the big screen. With the rise in popularity of self-publishing, more writers than ever found that they could make a living writing, editing and publishing their own books.

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Though military history deals specifically with how and why military forces and organizations operate, studying the subject prepares you for working in several different fields. You can use your degree and experience to work as a military analyst for the government or military, a college professor, curator, archivist, author or in one of the other jobs available with a military history degree.