What Types of Intelligence Analyst Jobs are Available?

The types of intelligence analyst jobs available can be found in corporations, military branches and government agencies. Job candidates may be required to pass physical exams, drug screens and background checks. They must meet certain legal and moral standards. Military and government agencies may have age limits and require candidates to meet citizenship designations. Almost all employers require candidates to hold a TS/SCI (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) credential or active Department of Defense (DoD) collateral clearance.

Competitive Business Intelligence

These companies usually work for key research, infrastructure and technology organizations. This includes companies that provide aerospace, military research, risk management and merger and acquisition services. Competitive business intelligence analysts perform primary and secondary research on strategic decisions, projects and campaigns. They must synthesize all information in order to provide strategic recommendations that increase the probability of winning and decrease the likelihood of delays, threats and failure. These intelligence analysts may maintain an evolving database of industry, customer and competitor information. They will use data too for the appropriate identification, categorizing, tagging and linking of data sets with other databases.

National Security Agency

A National Security Agency intelligence analyst will help protect the country by providing decision and policy makers with the tactical information they need to do their jobs. Organizational priorities are driven by valid sources, counterintelligence policies and ongoing foreign threats. Intelligence analysts must research and understand how their targets operate and fit into geo-political contexts. They apply standard techniques and develop creative solutions to solve analytic problems and intelligence concerns. Every day, intelligence analysts produce written and oral assessments that provide insights into evolving situations, target intentions and major threats. To do this, they research relevant information sources, develop query strategies and analyze and validate target intelligence.

Risk Management

Risk management analysts work for corporations that specialize in private security. Some perform general duties, such as actively monitoring media, the Internet and subscription services for issues that could affect target business operations and leaders. They are responsible for the collection and analysis of regional and national trends, events and organizations. They must provide comprehensively customized intelligence reports to decision makers. Risk management analysts must have the abilities to author quality reports, adhere to timelines, gather information through in-depth research and provide analytical support to security investigations. They maintain in constant contact with industry professionals, external analysts and subject matter experts.

Corporate Marketing

Corporate marketing analysts who work for global organizations will deal with multimillion dollar accounts, contracts and product lines. They provide insightful recommendations that drive brand strategies, marketplace approaches and high-impact decisions. They engage in thought partnership with brand, research, advertising and management teams. They may collaborate with business partners to identify threats in order to engineer agendas and tactics that support executive strategies. Corporate marketing analysts may generate consumer empathy and awareness by effectively communicating values and identifying actionable learning needs. They may prepare analyses and briefings to support strategic reviews and meetings. They may redefine corporate goals, eliminate redundancies and outsource low-value requests.

These types of intelligence analyst jobs are available to those who have a master’s degree in relative fields like psychology, statistics, information technology and market research. Job candidates should have experience with threat assessment, investigations support, security environments and social media monitoring.