What Types of Human Resources Jobs Can One Get With a Military Degree?

Human ResourcesMilitary personnel who are about to reenter civilian life often wonder about the types of human resources jobs available with a military degree. That’s actually a legitimate concern, since most employers distinguish between a military degree, or training in human resources, as opposed to a traditional undergraduate or graduate-level education in this growing field. Luckily, there are a number of great positions that range from entry-level jobs to mid-level human resources opportunities at a variety of employers in numerous industries, according to Military.com. Military personnel bring a unique combination of human resources skills and managerial expertise with them when they apply, making them a unique candidate and a top draw for today’s most competitive employers.

Entry-Level Jobs are a Great Place to Start a Human Resources Career

Many veterans have a tough time understanding how their unique set of skills can translate into workplace employment, and prospective employers often suffer from the same confusing questions. Generally, a large number of recent veterans find success when they apply for an entry-level human resources job in a corporate office or smaller business. This allows them to hone their HR skills, as learned during their time in the military, and showcase their diverse talents that range from excellent self-discipline to a natural affinity for management of a large team. Military members tend to advance quite quickly through the corporate structure, thanks to this combination of human resource skills and natural managerial talents.

Mid-Level Positions Might Be a Better Fit for More Seasoned Veterans

The key thing to remember about landing a job outside of the military is that the experience gained while enlisted does certainly count for something. While those who were enlisted only for a few years might be a great fit for entry-level positions, those with higher ranks in their branch of service have certainly put in enough time, and gained enough experience, to be considered for mid-level human resources positions. At the mid-level, human resources begins to shift from negotiating contracts and administering benefits, to managing a team of human resources professionals.

In effect, those with extensive military training, and higher rankings while enlisted, are able to be considered for management positions within large organizations and military-friendly employers across the country. This jumpstart to a career allows veterans to earn a significantly higher annual compensation and enjoy benefits ranging from tuition reimbursement for graduate studies, to easier advancement into high-level management functions.

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Look for Military-Friendly Employers for the Best Results

No employer tries to be military-unfriendly, but their unique educational and experiential requirements can make it seem as if they simply will not accommodate veterans. On the other hand, numerous businesses have specifically developed their job requirements and mandated levels of experience to coincide with military training and degree programs. Unlike employers that recognize only traditional college degrees and internships, these employers understand the nature of military service and how it creates disciplined managers, hard workers, and highly qualified applicants.

To maximize the chances of turning a military degree into a lucrative human resources position, simply look for employers that advertise themselves as military-friendly. It’s worth noting that each branch of the military also has online and in-person resources available for veterans that can help them locate these employers a bit more easily than they might be able to manage on their own. With these connections and unique employers, the types of human resources jobs available with a military degree are virtually limitless.