What Types of Engineering Jobs are Available with a Military Degree?

Engineering If you’ve decided to let the U.S. military pay for your education, you may be wondering about the engineering jobs available with a military degree, and the answer is that any jobs available for civilians are open to members of the armed forces. A military degree is essentially the same as a civilian degree except that it includes a set of college electives that prepare you to join a branch of the military as an officer.

Becoming an Officer in the Military

There are no differences in the academic coursework you’re required to do to complete an engineering degree, but your education will take a little longer, because you’ll have additional ROTC courses to take. It’s possible that you’ll be able to do engineering work for the military, but these engineers are often specially commissioned, because of their expertise in a professional field. They’re called direct commission officers, or DCOs, because they’re given an officer’s rank so that they can perform their work in an official capacity, according to Today’s Military.

There are also simpler engineering jobs that officers can do while serving a contract in the military, and you can search on the website of the branch of the military you’re entering for a list of available engineering jobs. When you return to civilian life, you will be qualified to do the same jobs you’d be qualified to do without your military background, although many employers view military experience as a big benefit.

Getting a military degree is a good deal, because the U.S. government pays for your entire education in return for a five-year contract with a branch of the military. You’ll have work experience and other benefits after returning from service, such as tax benefits, health care and affordable loans, according to Military.com. Since you’ll have a Bachelor’s in Engineering, you should have pretty good job prospects, although you must choose your field of engineering wisely to ensure that your job opportunities are as good as they can be. Many areas of engineering have low job availability, and if you go into a field like chemical or electrical engineering, you may actually have trouble finding work.

Where the Work Is

Most jobs are available in software and petroleum engineering, and you can probably find many jobs in computer systems engineering as well because it requires computer science skills. Your best bet is to take as many computer science courses as possible while in college so that you’re qualified to do software engineering jobs in your field. After returning to civilian life, the military will help pay for a master’s degree, so if you have a bachelor’s degree in a field of engineering with low employment opportunities, you can boost your employability with a postgraduate degree.

With a military background, you’ll be qualified to do work that civilians aren’t usually hired to do, such as engineering jobs in dangerous parts of the world. Also, while it may not be a field of engineering, cyber security often attracts ex-military members and people with backgrounds in law enforcement, and if you have computing skills, you can go into this field fairly easily.

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Joining the military as an officer gives you many opportunities that the average person doesn’t have, and just about everyone in the civilian world respects the strict self-discipline that military officers are known for. To find out more about engineering jobs available with a military degree, talk to your recruiting officer.