What Types of Education Jobs Can I Get With A Military Degree?

Education DegreeThe types of education jobs with a military degree that you qualify for after graduation include a number of positions outside of teaching. While many students think that they can only use their degrees to teach at the elementary school, middle school or high school level, you can also use your degree in other ways. You still have the opportunity to improve the education system in the country and even work with students, but you won’t feel tied down to the classroom.

School Counselors

If you want to work with students without teaching in front of a classroom, school counseling might be a good fit for you. School counselors must have both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, and they need to pass a licensing examination in the state where they plan to teach. School counselors provide help and support to students struggling with different problems, including a lack of self-esteem, abuse at home or bullying at school. They report problems and incidents directly to the principal or school superintendent, and they also create new programs to help students learn about the issues that might affect them.

Athletic Coaches

One of the types of education jobs with a military degree that you might like is an athletic coach. Nearly every school in the country requires that its coaches are licensed teachers with a license to teach in the state and a college degree. Coaches at smaller schools often work with two or more athletic groups, while those working at larger schools typically focus on one specific sport. Depending on where you work, you might accept a positions as an assistant coach and work as a substitute teacher before working your way up to the position of head coach.

Adult Educators

According to an article from CNN, adult educators represent one of the fastest growing types of education jobs with a military degree. Zupek found that the median wage among all educators working with adults is $47,830 a year. Adult education refers to any teaching position that requires the education of adult students. This includes those tutoring and teaching courses on the GED and educators teaching reading and writing to older students. Many of these positions are available through vocational schools and community colleges, and you have the chance to work with students ignored by mainstream classrooms. It’s a great way to foster your love of teaching without working with younger students.

Curriculum Development

Schools of all types and sizes need people to assist with curriculum development. Smaller elementary and high schools still rely on the same textbooks used 20 years ago and teach students topics and ideas that others consider outdated. As a curriculum development expert, you go into those schools, examine the teaching methods used by educators and look at the textbooks and assignments used in each class. You help the schools make a number of changes that improve the educational needs of its students and raise graduation rates.

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Education is one of the fastest growing jobs fields, and it consists of a number of positions that don’t require you spend most of your day in a classroom. Whether you want to work with students or work to improve the educational system, you’ll find several types of education jobs with a military degree that let you do all that and much more.