What Types of Cybersecurity Jobs Can I Get With A Military Degree?

Cyber Security JobsIf you are interested in the growing field of cybersecurity, you may want to know what types of cybersecurity jobs you can get with a military degree. Cybersecurity is an exciting new area that is opening numerous career opportunities for qualified individuals. The Washington Post recently reported that the demand for cybersecurity jobs is likely to grow in 2014. After the White House released an executive order dealing with cybersecurity infrastructure in 2013, it appears that many governmental agencies and private entities will need to hire cybersecurity professionals to fulfill the needs of this executive order. If you are considering a military degree in cybersecurity, here are some job options you can consider.

Cybersecurity Analyst Positions at the Department of Homeland Security

After the issuance of the 2013 Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security are now providing job opportunities for students who have a degree in this field. At the Department of Homeland Security, a cybersecurity analyst deals with cyber incident response, assessment of cyber risk, detection of cyber-threats, cybersecurity intelligence and digital forensics. Department of Homeland Security also offers a Secretary’s Honors Program for Cybersecurity Professionals and Emerging Leaders in Cybersecurity Fellowship for entry-level professionals.

Director of Cybersecurity

Many businesses are now investing in positions like a Director of Cybersecurity. For this position, an individual must understand cybersecurity regulations, legal issues and technology infrastructure issues. They frequently assist in implementing software programs aimed at monitoring cybersecurity threats on the Internet. They may also need to study hacking efforts of cyber-terrorists and make reports to the government as necessary.

Forensics Investigator

A forensics investigator may be a critical aspect of a criminal investigation involving cybersecurity issues. They may be able to assist law enforcement in locating hackers or data thieves. After the Target data leak of 2013, numerous companies are now hiring forensics investigators to play a role in the corporate organization. A computer forensics investigator understands how to mine data from computer systems in a safe way. They can extract necessary data that may be required for litigation without compromising the integrity of the evidence. Forensics investigators are also aware of the treatment of electronic evidence under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Cybersecurity Auditor

In recent years, the government has put forth numerous regulations that apply to the cybersecurity and infrastructure of certain industries. The financial sector is one industry that must now abide by regulations governing the security of consumer information. With the recent development of mobile banking applications, the cybersecurity auditor plays an integral role in preparing a financial institution for an audit. Companies that handle sensitive client information may be subject to greater scrutiny from government agencies, and they need to prepare for this scrutiny by hiring cybersecurity auditors.

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Cybersecurity Incident Manager

While many companies are now doing whatever it takes to prepare for cybersecurity attacks, some companies also find themselves in the position of dealing with invasive attacks. A cybersecurity incident manager follows protocol for responding to data leaks and working with other cybersecurity professionals. They may need to inform customers of a data leak or implement new programs to protect against cyber-attacks in the future.

Many cybersecurity jobs feature excellent benefits and a great salary. In the ever-growing field of cybersecurity, there are numerous types of cybersecurity jobs you can get with a military degree.