What Types of Civilian Government Jobs Are Available With a Military Degree?

Government JobsMilitary degrees differ quite significantly from more traditional college degrees, but the types of civilian government jobs available with a military degree are actually pretty similar to those available to college graduates. Military veterans simply must choose an agency and find a position that meshes well with their own interests, their military experience, and their expectations for future career growth in the public sector. Because of their military training and the ability to be reimbursed for further training at a college or university, veterans are often the strongest candidates for civilian government jobs.

Department Managers and Directors

Every state and federal agency is split into dozens of department, with each department focusing on a different task or constituency that must be addressed. With their highly disciplined training and an understanding of how proper authority can produce more efficient work, military veterans are almost always considered for managerial roles in government agencies. They’ll manage departments or ongoing task forces using their military background and a military degree that aligns with the department’s core mission or interest. Over time, department leaders can be considered for promotion to agency-wide managerial leadership posts that present even more ways to help shape policy, enforce efficient working standards, and motivate a team of professionals.

Advisors and Consultants

Military veterans often find rewarding employment opportunities within the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, the FBI, or the CIA. These agencies like to employ former military members as advisors and consultants who can offer insight into military policy, the mindset and disposition of troops or military leaders, and the impact of certain policies, procedures, or major changes, on troops over time. Their insight into the life of combat troops, reservists, National Guard members, and many others, is considered an asset for agencies that focus on homeland security, national defense, and international coordination with the country’s allies.

Specialized Job Titles and Tasks

The public sector is always looking for qualified public relations advisors, computer software engineers, aerospace engineers, legal analysts, policy analysts, accountants, financial experts, historians, and many other positions. These jobs can often be secured with a military degree within the public sector, though some veterans may find that they will be required to pursue and complete a four-year degree in their chosen field within a few years of employment with a government agency.

In any case, these jobs are highly specific and require professional knowledge and insight that many military members are uniquely qualified to offer. As a result, many government agencies simply prefer to fill these specialized roles with veterans who are already experienced, disciplined, and ready to lead when the agency requires it.

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A Military Degree Offers a Great Start for Many Job Applicants

Public sector jobs are typically a bit easier to land with a military degree than jobs located in the public sector. Even so, veterans will want to consider taking advantage of G.I. Bill provisions that allow for the full or partial reimbursement of college education expenses. Combining military experience with a college degree can aid in easier advancement and better compensation within public agencies, and give military veterans the job security they need to enjoy a long-term position in this area. According to Monster, with the right blend of education, training, and experience, the types of civilian government jobs available with a military degree are virtually limitless.