What Type of Private Security Jobs Can I Get With a Military Degree?

Private Security GuardsThe type of private security jobs with military degree backgrounds that are available for applicants depends on the experience of the applicant. A military degree is a unique program that lets you complete your degree while enlisted in a branch of the armed forces. These programs let you take classes and complete assignments anywhere the military sends you. Some students completed degrees while stationed in Germany or fighting in Iraq. The skills you learned in the military combined with your degree can help you find employment in a number of private security fields.

Armed Guards

Armed guards are one of the more popular types of private security guards. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, security guards typically make around $11.50 an hour and some make more than $40,000 a year. As an armed guard, you’ll notice that your starting salary is slightly higher than the salary that an unarmed guard makes. Armed guards work for museums, private businesses and even on college campus. They aim to keep the areas safe from burglars and other criminals. Some positions require some on the job training, and many employers require that you have a concealed carry permit.

Bond Enforcement Agents

If you love the idea of chasing down bad guys, you might consider working as a bond enforcement agent. Sometimes called bounty hunters, these men and women track down criminals that failed to appear in court. When you bring back a criminal, you receive a portion of that person’s bond. Some agents work for private companies and bail bondsmen, but other enforcement agents start their own companies. Depending on where you live, you might need to register with your city or state or pass a class to receive your license.

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Executive Protection Positions

When looking at the different types of private security jobs available for those with a military degree, you might consider executive protection positions. Protection professionals are essentially bodyguards. Your job involves protecting people from any dangers, including robbers and other criminals. You will often need to carry a gun with you, and you’ll use a headset or cell phone to stay in contact with other bodyguards. With your military background, you can also apply for positions within the Central Intelligence Unit and the Secret Service. You’ll have the chance to protect a local or state politician.

Background Investigators

Some of the private security jobs available with a military degree include background investigators. Investigators perform criminal and background check on individuals for businesses and other people. A corporation might call on you to investigate a potential employee, or you might investigate an individual seeking workers compensation from an employer. Background investigators often spend a large part of the day inside and on a computer as they search for information for clients, but your clients may also call on you to work in the field and capture video or audio evidence of a potential crime.

Depending on what you do in the military, you might spend several years working on your degree as you travel the world and defend your country. When you leave the military behind, you’ll find a number of potential jobs open to you in the private sector. The type of private security jobs with military degree now available include background investigators, protection positions, armed guards and bond enforcement agents.