What Type of Online Military Degree Programs Are There?

An online military degree program combines the benefits of an online degree with the convenience of a military program. In the past, military programs gave students a little freedom when they enlisted in a branch of the military. They could take classes on campus and practice distance learning when needed. With distance learning, they sent assignments through the mail, and their professors graded and returned those assignments later. Online learning opened up new opportunities for those students, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all programs are equal.

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Extension Programs

An extension program is a program attached to a major college or university in the United States. Colleges offer students the chance to complete the program from anywhere they travel. This is a great option for military personnel because they typically move on a regular basis. As long as they have an Internet connection, they can take classes online. Many schools now use Blackboard or a similar program that lets students post questions online, chat with other students and complete assignments. Some schools will even place all the resources needed for that class on the online system, including books, lectures from professors and links to pages to learn more about that week’s topic.

For Profit Institutions

For profit institutions are colleges that make a profit off of every student that takes a single class. These schools typically have branches in business parks and other locations in major cities, but the schools also offer online classes. While for profit schools often have a bad reputation, some of these schools do offer a number of benefits for students. Students get the chance to study from a smaller pool of topics, they take general education courses and specialized courses in their chosen field and they work closely with their professors. Depending on the school, most classes will even transfer if the student decides to move to a different school.

Military Programs

Military colleges are colleges that specifically target military personnel. These schools pride themselves on having representatives on bases around the world. This gives students the chance to talk with an actual person about their financial aid and any other questions that they have. The programs take place online, with students talking to their professors, completing assignments and talking with other students online. These schools offer a number of different programs and degree types, including both undergraduate and graduate programs.

How to Choose the Right Program

Choosing the right program starts with weeding out diploma mills. Schools regarding as diploma mills are those that offer a diploma to anyone who pays enough money. These schools often offer easy courses and programs that students can finish in a relatively small amount of time. According to the U.S. Department of Education, warning signs of a diploma mill include colleges that offer a one size fits all payment method. Students pay one low fee to complete the entire program instead of paying for each semester or class they take. Schools that do not have accreditation and those that give credits based on experience are often diploma mills as well.

Military programs are a good option for those active in a branch of the military. These programs include those specifically designed for military personnel, for profit schools and schools connected to a major university. Students interested in one of these programs should ensure that they don’t enroll in a diploma mill.

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