What Type of Law Enforcement Jobs Can I Get With a Military Degree?

Law EnforcementThe types of law enforcement jobs with a military degree that you can get after finishing your degree depends on the program you completed. Many military students assume that a military degree is a degree that focuses on one or more aspects of the armed forces, but a military degree program is actually a program designed for students enlisted in a branch of the military. These programs let you take online courses and complete courses from bases all around the world. When you study criminal justice, law enforcement or a similar topic, you can seek employment in several areas of law enforcement.

Uniformed Police Officer

One of the more common types of law enforcement jobs with a military degree is a uniformed police officer. These officers patrol the streets in uniform, provide security for important people in town and arrest those potentially guilty of a crime. Some officers patrol the streets on horseback, while other cities rely primarily on officers who use bikes or police cruisers to get around town. You’ll even find a few cities that hire foot patrol officers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police officers make a median salary of nearly $57,000 a year, and the BLS notes that more than 41,000 new officer jobs will become available in future years.

Police Investigator

A police investigator is someone who investigates a potential crime for the police department. You typically need a college degree and some experience as a police officer before applying for a position, and some agencies require that investigators pass an examination first. They look for evidence, bag that evidence for delivery back to the station and meet with suspects and potentially guilty parties. Depending on the military degree that you earn, you may qualify for other investigation positions, including fingerprint analysts, firearm and bullet experts and DNA technicians.

Probation Officer

If you like working with people and helping them improve their lives, consider working as a probation officer. Probation officers meet with criminals after those individuals plead guilty in a courtroom. Many people receive parole after spending a certain period of time in prison or jail, and others receive probation in lieu of jail time. You’ll work with those individuals to ensure that they meet any requirements imposed by the judge or court, including that the person has a job, established residency in the city and attend any drug or alcohol treatment programs.

Corrections Officer

Corrections officers, also known as correctional officers, are one of the types of law enforcement jobs with a military degree that you can get. These officers work in prisons, jails and other correctional institutions. They are responsible for ensuring that those awaiting trial and those convicted of crimes follow the laws of the institution. You might help hand out meals in the cafeteria, transport criminals from one cell to another cell and keep fights from breaking out. Correctional officers also help transport those arrested of crimes from the holding area to the courtroom and back again.

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As a member of the American military, you have the right to earn a degree while serving your country. Military degree programs let you study criminal justice, history and dozens of other topics, and the types of law enforcement jobs with a military degree available to you vary based on the degree you earn and your background.