What Type of Law Enforcement Jobs are Available with a Military Degree?

Law EnforcementWhen you enlist in the military and make plans to attend college at the same time, you might want some idea of the types of law enforcement jobs available with a military degree. Though some people make a career out of the military, others leave after serving a tour of four years or longer and look for jobs available near their loved ones. Depending on the degree you earn, you might find that you qualify for a variety of different jobs in law enforcement.

What is a Military Degree?

Though some people think a military degree is a degree that teaches students more about the different branches of the military, it actually refers to a degree program designed for enlisted men and women. Colleges that offer military degree programs give enlisted service people more time to complete their studies and allows them to work anywhere the military sends them. Some programs may even give students a certain number of credits toward a degree for the work they did in the military. Students can study nearly any topic they want, but computer science and history are two of the more popular topics.

Police Officers

One of the law enforcement jobs available with a military degree is that of a police officer. Though these positions usually require that applicants go through a police academy and graduate before enrolling, some cities waive this requirement for those who served in the military or allow them to go through a shortened version of the academy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for police officers and detectives will grow at a rate of five percent in the coming years and that those working in these fields earn a median annual wage of nearly $57,000.

Government Jobs

The training and experience that soldiers and officers earn in the military can also prepare them for working in different government organizations and agencies. Some of the top departments include Homeland Security and Border Patrol. Border Patrol agents prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country and protect the borders from terrorists and others. Homeland Security works to increase the security of everyone living in the country and to prevent further attacks. Though each department has its own regulations regarding employment, most departments look favorably on those who served their country.

Private Investigator

Private investigator is one of the other law enforcement jobs available with a military degree. These jobs are best for those who feel comfortable working long hours on their own and those capable of advertising themselves to others. While some work for large companies, most private investigators work independently and operate their own offices. They work on a range of cases that may include divorces, corporate espionage and burglaries. Many states now require that an individual apply for a license, pass a background check and have insurance before working as a PI. Investigators also need strong technology skills and the ability to use different products to monitor others and gain evidence for clients.

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Those who serve their country develop the ability to work independently and in small groups, time management skills and strong physical strength. Those skills can assist them in many of the different law enforcement jobs available with a military degree, including as private investigators, police officers and in jobs working for the government.