What Type of Jobs Should I Expect to Get With a Military Degree?

Designed to assist those currently enlisted in the military, military degree programs are available for all active members. These programs let men and women work on their studies and complete their degrees no matter where they go in the world. They don’t need to worry about what will happen when their statuses change or when they find themselves moving to a new location. Dozens of schools offer these degree programs, and unlike other programs, students have the chance to choose a topic or an area that interests them and learn on their own time. Potential topics of study range from computer science and psychology to business and history. The type of jobs available to students often depends on the field the student studied.


According to Devon Hayne and Cathie Gandel of U.S. News, cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing fields. They point out that the Pentagon will add thousands of new jobs in the coming years and that private corporations need help in similar fields. These jobs typically require a college degree in computer science, which students can earn through a military degree program. They’ll learn how to tighten security on computers, how to look for signs of problems and what to do if a computer attack occurs.

Business Management Positions

Those studying business management learn more than just how to manage a business. They learn information relating to how businesses of all sizes operate, how to lead groups of different sizes, what tasks a manager is responsible for and other similar concepts. Students have a number of different jobs open to them when they graduate, including running their own small businesses, working for nonprofit organizations and taking over the management of large corporations. Completing the degree as part of a military program will show employers that those students have strong time management skills and the ability to work on their own time.

Linguistics Jobs

Linguistics is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. The need for bilingual people keeps growing in the United States as more international corporations and workers move to the country. Those with the ability to speak multiple languages can seek employment as a liaison to various companies. They’ll work hard to ensure that all people involved in different transactions are happy. They might also seek work with the federal government. Both the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency need workers who can speak more than one language.

Accounting Positions

Nearly every business in the world needs an accounting department. These men and women are responsible for the finances of that company. They must keep track of the costs the company pays out every year and the profit that the company makes. Accountants handle day to day operations as well, including giving workers access to petty cash for small work expenses and making sure that workers order new products that stay within the company’s budget. Military degree programs teach students how to use accounting software and how to handle other tasks relating to the job.

Military degree programs let men and women study and complete a degree program even if they find themselves bouncing around the world on assignment. Students typically pick a program from those available, but those studying accounting, linguistics, business management or cyber security have a better chance at finding a job later.

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