What Type of IT Jobs are Available with a Military Degree?

IT JobsAlthough a degree in information technology is the most popular route, there is types of IT jobs available with a military degree for veterans returning to the civilian workforce. Information technology is a great career path for former military, because it utilizes learned technical skills in maintaining computer networks in our increasingly digital world. It’s expected that overall employment growth in IT will rise faster than average by 22 percent before 2020, according to Computer World. Veterans from any branch of the armed services can leverage their military degree and proven discipline to unlock IT jobs. Skills held by former military can translate immediately into jobs in both the government and public sectors. The following are four of the most popular and in-demand careers that can be started with a military degree.

IT Specialist

IT specialists cover a wide range of responsibilities in keeping their company’s computer systems running smoothly. IT specialists can be involved in installing new software, monitoring hard drivers, ordering new computer parts, fielding calls from third-party computer services, performing diagnostic testing, and creating solutions to networking problems. GI Jobs magazine recognized IT specialists for having the #1 hottest job for veterans in 2014. Not only is the career in-demand, but it also comes with a decent average annual salary of $51,820.

Database Administrator

Veterans can use their former military training with computers to smoothly transition into a career for database administration to store and organize data. Database administrators have the hefty duty of making certain their organization’s critical data is secure from unauthorized access and backed up to prevent data loss. DBAs also install database upgrades to fix bugs, test the database structure, and administer new database permissions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, database administrators are paid handsomely with a mean annual wage of $82,280.

Information Security Analyst

Military degree holders can turn their protective nature on the battlefield into maintaining the protection of computer networks with a job in IT security. Information security analysts serve a critical role in designing and implementing security measures to protect their organization’s computer systems from cyber breaches or attacks. IT security analysts are expected to use their ingenuity to outthink criminals and safeguard the company’s confidential information to prevent disaster. Veterans will find very favorable job prospects and lucrative income offers in IT security, where the mean yearly salary is $91,600.

Web Developer

Web developers are hired in virtually any industry to design and create eye-catching websites that run at optimal performance. Web developers are responsible for planning how sites should look, creating applications, writing HTML code, using graphics to enhance the website’s layout, integrating audio or video, monitoring online traffic, and making their client’s visions a reality. Web developers are rewarded with a good mean annual salary of $68,670. Former military with programming experience may also work as web architects or web designers.

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Opportunities abound for veterans in the fast-growing field of IT. While a military degree is satisfactory for a number of entry-level and mid-level IT jobs, you may want to consider boosting your training with a college degree in information technology or a related major. It’s often possible to transfer credits from military training into the degree program so that you can receive your bachelor’s quicker. In addition to these type of IT jobs available with a military degree, you could advance into senior IT management for an even higher salary potential.