What Type of Aerospace Jobs Are Available With a Military Degree?

Aerospace IndustryThere are many types of aerospace jobs available with a military degree, many of which will require little or no additional training when veterans transition into civilian life and seek a long-term career in this lucrative industry, according to Military.com. This lack of substantial additional training actually stands in stark contrast to many other military degrees and civilian jobs, which may require military veterans to get bachelor’s and masters’ degrees in specific fields in order to secure and maintain a position in other fields. The military’s educational options for engineering and aerospace fields is among the best programs available anywhere, and explains this slightly different take on military training versus civilian programs.

Aerospace Engineer: Forget the Entry-Level and Dive Right In

Military aerospace engineers often leave their respective branch of the service to find that they have job offers awaiting them in both the public and private sectors. Often, these job offers require little to no additional training, and will readily place a military veteran in a mid-level position that allows them to skip past the entry-level work often required of other applicants. That’s because most veterans have been working in an engineering capacity for the military for at least three years, though many successful engineers devote multiple decades to work for the military.

These mid-level jobs start out with robust salaries that improve vastly upon military compensation. In most cases, successful applicants will earn low six-figure salaries to start, with impressive growth potential over the course of their career in this field. With higher demand than the national average, these engineering jobs are also a bit easier to find than most others.

Engineering Managers Are Also in High Demand in the Aerospace Industry

Another potential fit for military veterans with an engineering background is that of an engineering manager. Rather than working on the engineering work itself, managers oversee engineers at all skill and placement levels, and they participate in a bit of added quality assurance and motivation that can help the job get done more quickly and with better results. Managerial positions are often reserved for the most seasoned veterans, often with at least a decade of experience in the military.

Managerial work, it should be noted, requires most applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree in an engineering-related field, which must exist alongside the applicant’s military experience and degrees. Many managers also have an advanced degree in business or engineering, which helps them handle their obligations more efficiently.

Other Types of Engineers Also Have Great Options

Aerospace engineering isn’t the only area where military veterans can find employment in aerospace. This industry also hires large numbers of materials engineers, chemical engineers, computer and electrical engineers, and many others. Appropriately, all of these fields benefit from military training, degree, and deployment programs, which offer veterans a significant amount of experience at the time of application. Like those entering aerospace engineering, veterans with experience in these areas can often start at the mid-level with higher average salaries overall.

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Military Training Bodes Well for Work in the Aerospace Industry

The primary area of employment for veterans with a military degree is engineering, whether it’s in aerospace, chemicals, computers, materials, or something else. The many types of aerospace jobs available with a military degree remain open to new candidates thanks to excellent military training and a strong economic demand for engineers in this field.