What Jobs in Immigration are Good for Former Military?

When you decide to retire from a position in the military, you’ll find it helpful to look at some of the jobs in immigration that are good for former military before you have your papers in hand. Immigration service jobs include those working for the Department of Homeland Security and for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but you can work for agencies and organizations that help immigrants legally come to America and get citizenship status.

Border Patrol Agent

With your background in the military, you have strong skills that let you work as a leader and follow the orders as others. Those skills can help you work as a border patrol agent. Border patrol agents work for the government and are responsible for stopping illegal immigrants from coming across any border between the United States and another country. You must be in good physical shape because you will spend long hours on your feet. Agents generally work alone, with just one other agent or in small groups and work in assigned areas or districts. Some agents also work in airports that accept international travelers.

Immigration Services Analyst

If you speak two or more languages and have strong organizational skills, you might consider working as an immigration services analyst. These analysts are the ones who analyze facts relating to immigrant cases. They might look at the countries sending the most number of people to the United States and investigate the reasons for that higher figure, or they might work with different departments to investigate how drugs and other illegal products find a way into the country. Analysts usually need strong computer skills and an extensive research background too.

Visa and Immigration Specialist

Some of the jobs in immigration that are good for former military include specialists like visa and immigration specialists who work with recent immigrants as well as those who lived in the country for an extended period of time. They typically do interviews with individuals hoping to move to America and help them understand the problems with becoming a legal immigrant. These specialists also explain the steps required to become a citizen and do research to determine if an individual should receive an application to become a citizen. They may work with refugees from foreign countries too.

Customs Broker

Another option for former military is a job as a customs broker. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, customs brokers often work for companies that hire a large number of international employees. They may travel overseas and to foreign countries, meet with prospective employees and decide who would do best in America. Brokers are also responsible for keeping track of immigration documents that prove workers have a right to move to the country and for paying any taxes or fees associated with moving those workers. Brokers may also help employees find schools for their children and make arrangements for anyone moving with them.

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No matter how much time you served in the military, you developed skills that will assist you in different jobs. Many former military work for government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security after they retire. Other jobs in immigration that are good for former military include jobs working for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and as a customs broker or a visa and immigration specialist.