What Jobs Are Available In Military Contracting?

The U.S. military is, as practically everyone knows, one of the largest employers in the world. That’s a good thing in many ways. But for those who want to make a business or a career of working for the U.S. military, both this and the understanding of what the military is for can be a very lucrative matter.

Plainly stated, the U.S. military uses civilian contractors to augment those resources they need in order to accomplish their mission. It comes down to a matter of who is best to fill a given position, a soldier or a civilian? When the shooting starts the best person to use is a soldier, which leaves a job that is often filled by a civilian. In other cases, the U.S. military elects to hire contractors who might possess a higher level of expertise in a given role that a soldier might not have.

In Search of the Best Fit

Especially in tough economic times such as that in which we find ourselves today, the military must be not only more dollar wise, but it must also determine what resources are best utilized and where. This is the function of a large number of people who decide the best use of the government’s money.

It doesn’t matter whether the job to be filled is general in nature or a specialty, it can be filled from among civilian contractors when there is a need. This situation can have both advantages as well as disadvantages. First, regardless of the job, working for the military can be very lucrative, especially when it comes to highly skilled positions. These include many from technology and other fields where their needs could be either permanent or temporary.

Easy In, Easy Out

A couple of downsides to this include budget cuts that can occur nearly instantaneously, as is the case with some of the policies currently in place.

Another situation that can arise is when a mission such as a war or other action ends and a great number of civilian contractors are let go. These contractors often go from feast to famine literally overnight.

Lives of Danger

Admittedly, as lucrative as some contractor jobs can be, even the most menial, some contractor jobs can be dangerous, especially when the need is in a war zone or some other situation that can be very hazardous.

Contractors are used as cooks, launderers, infrastructure repair, translators, intelligence analysts, guards, drivers and many others.

Unfortunately, at least 800 American civilian contractor deaths between March 2003 and June 2011 have been reported, according to the list of private contractor deaths in Iraq.

In Total, Good Jobs

All told, the U.S. military can be a very good employer. There are downsides, of course, which often rate much the same as those of soldiers, but unlike soldiers, there are great rewards for those who offer skills that are needed such as computer technicians, engineers, software specialists, and many others. Besides good pay, many of these jobs offer excellent benefits.