What is the Average Age and Experience of Someone With a Military Degree?

Military DegreeAlthough the average age and experience of someone with a military degree is likely to greatly vary, there are many commonalities as well. The elements that affect the variance in age and experience range from when an individual decides to enter the military to when an individual decides to begin completion of a military degree. Branch of the military, military rank, and job role also factor in to the range of experience and age.

Basics of a Military Degree

Military degrees are designed specifically for active military personnel and veterans to apply the skills and training that have been accumulated during service. These programs often offer online options in order to accommodate possible conflicts with service. Additionally, military degree programs offer the ability for military personnel to obtain credit for previous training and experience from active duty service. Credit is also given from examinations that allow students to test out of specific courses.

Military Experience

Service men and women gain a vast array of knowledge and skill while serving in the military. This experience is invaluable in pursuing a military degree, and it is also preparation for careers in the civilian workforce as well as for advancement and promotion in military rank.

Some of the common skills that members of the military are likely to develop include leadership, collaboration and teamwork, decision making, and problem solving. Service men and women also gain knowledge of global diversity issues, planning, and organization. Additionally, all members of the military undergo some type of advanced training, including gaining skill in fields such as security, medical care, computer technology, mechanics, and finance. These skills and knowledge are easily transferable into degree coursework.

Who Completes a Military Degree Program

Both active service members and veterans are able to pursue a military degree. The average age for enlisting in a branch of the military is approximately 20 years of age. This accounts, too, for service men and women who complete an ROTC degree prior to officially enlisting. In 2013 and in the Army alone, nearly 10,000 new enlistees had some college or a degree. Further, the average age of retirement from the military is 62, and the average age for officer rank, which often requires a degree, is 45. All of these factors contribute to figuring the average age of a person with a military degree.

Overall, the average age of service men and women who complete military degree programs is between the ages of 30 and 36. This accounts for the number of military personnel who have degrees prior to enlisting, as well as for those who are discharged after four years of service or who retire at the average age of retirement. Additional information on census-related data for the military can be found in a report published by the Congressional Research Service on the Federation of American Scientists website.

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Military degree programs offer benefits for all members of the military. Whether working toward completing a degree while actively in the military or enrolling after leaving active service, the average age and experience of someone with a military degree are dependent on years of service, type of degree attained, and when a degree is started.