What Is a Good Minor To Complement a Military Degree?

As a veteran, you’ve served your country with a sense of duty that is unrivaled. They’ve trained you to be diligent in your work, honorable in action, and dedicated to the mission. You’ve gone the extra mile and expanded your education to get a degree in a related field that suits you. Yet you feel that there is more that you can do. You won’t be in the military forever and you need something in your back pocket to keep you going beyond the uniform. A strong minor to your degree would help solidify your viability when you separate from service; but what would be a good minor to compliment your degree?


Vince Lombardi once wrote that, “Leaders aren’t born they are made.” The famous coach may not have served in the military but he knew how to groom troops on the gridiron. The military teaches every soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine to be a leader. This is a long standing tradition which encourages even the lowest in rank to achieve more. The leadership skills of the lowest of men will reflect highly on those with the title of lead.

Asset Management

In today’s market, great leaders are in short supply. This is the result of many factors. Some of which can be explained here. The military has trained you to be a leader and your degree has given you specific skills related to your profession. All the while, anybody who has served in uniform has heard this phrase before in their career: “There the right way, the wrong way, and the military way.” Realistically, the military way isn’t always the corporate way and this is often the reason why military leaders are passed up in the employment. This is where a minor in Business Management will come in handy.


By taking a minor in Business Management, it will help you fine tune your leadership skills towards the corporate way of life. You’ll learn to not only see what is best for the organization itself but what is also good for your team and those whom you lead as well. Military leaders are generally expected to understand that their subordinates are trained elsewhere. By the time they get to the organizational unit, they’ve already been conditioned to the environment they’re thrust into. This isn’t the case in the corporate environment. The curriculum in most college for business students often includes training skills needed. It also prepares the newly elected leader for the process of evaluation that is vastly different than the military environment.

In conclusion, a minor in business management will improve on the skills in which you have already learned in the military and prepare you for world outside of it. Like the military, there are primary and secondary classifications. Your degree major will act as your primary classification while your minor will allow you to diversify your work environment. This, in turn will also make you more marketable in the corporate world and provide assurances to the company that you are indeed a quality leader in not only the military sense but in the business sense as well.