What International Relation Jobs are Available with a Military Degree?

International RelationsThere are many types of international relation jobs available with a military degree. These careers are perfect for veterans and or military majors who want a satisfying career that will allow them to travel abroad and protect U.S. interests.

Foreign Service Specialist

A military degree is an excellent qualification to work for the US Department of State. There are over 20 Foreign Service specialist career tracks. For example, there are administration jobs, such as a general services officer. They are tasked with developing, planning and managing ongoing support programs. For example, this could be contracting with local vendors or overseeing local supply inventories. On the other hand, they might be in charge of the motor pool and responsible to make travel arrangements for international relations meetings. Alternatively, veterans with a passion for education can become English Language Officers (ELOs). They are mandated to oversee and promote all government-sponsored English teaching activities in set areas. Veterans who prefer to work in classrooms can become Information Resource Officers (IROs) who conduct training programs and help people find needed services and resources. They will work closely with IT personnel, such as Information Management Specialists.

Information Management Specialist

An Information Management Specialist (IMS) is an IT professional who works with embassies. Basically, they are an IT specialist or manager. They provide assistance to local users, train new employees and problem solve IT related problems. Certain Information Management Specialist work with public relations coordinators to increase the efficiency and functionality of government social media accounts. Every day, they will assist with administering and supporting teleconference systems that Foreign Service officers and embassy staff will use to communicate with each other around the world. For example, this would involve installing, testing and deploying satellite and wireless emergency communications systems. They must also oversee the IT security program, which is extremely challenging and important. Foreign embassies around the world are constantly attacked by hackers and criminals attempting to breach networks and steal confidential data. Finally, they must ensure that IT operations comply with the federal government security policy and procedures.

Diplomatic Security Special Agent

Veterans who want to work as security professionals abroad can become a diplomatic security special (DSS) agent. DSS agents are sworn Federal law enforcement officers who are trained to become Foreign Service security professionals. They are assigned to specific embassies and advise ambassadors on important security matters. They also oversee a wide range of crucial security programs that protect employees and facilities. However, international relation jobs available with a military degree are also available within the U.S. That is, veterans who wish to remain in the U.S. can work as national special agents who protect visiting foreign dignitaries. They also conduct personnel security investigations regarding visa and passport fraud. In addition to this, they are also involved with counter-terrorism activities and programs. Therefore, they work closely with the FBI, CIA and the National Intelligence Agency. Because they are law enforcement officers, they must have excellent documentation skills, because their reports will be used in court trials and other legal proceedings. They also conduct risk assessments regarding security threats against foreign embassies and personnel.

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Looking back, a military degree translates well into the world of international relations. There are many more types of international relation jobs available with a military degree.