What Homeland Security Jobs Are in Intelligence Research?

People who want to pursue work that allows them to serve the United States may wonder about Department of Homeland Security jobs in intelligence research. Individuals with intelligence research jobs help to monitor the activities of enemies of the US in an effort to protect our country from harm. Below are a few types of Homeland Security jobs focusing in intelligence research.

Intelligence Analysts

The main responsibility of an intelligence analyst is to interpret data. This professional combs through all types of data to find any possible threats from other countries. Sometimes there are clues in various pieces of data that can be put together to provide valuable information to Homeland Security. This type of intelligence research job can play a vital part in protecting the country. Try to think of an intelligence analyst as a modern day detective. In many instances, this professional is looking for threats issued through 21st century technology.

Information Security

A person working in an information security job is responsible for protecting all types of information. This information may be in traditional paper form or in digital form in an email or text. An individual with this job knows a lot about computer science and how information travels from one point to another. An information security professional is someone who makes sure that information arrives at its destination without interference from anyone outside the system.

Infrastructure Protection Workers

Utilities, transportation and communication systems are just a few elements of the infrastructure of the US. An infrastructure protection worker determines ways to shield our infrastructure from threatening forces. In addition, these professionals try to predict threats and figure out ways to address these threats so there is a plan in place. A person in this job has to be forward-thinking and try to anticipate what enemies may try to accomplish.

Successful Qualities of Intelligence Researchers

One of the most important qualities to have when pursuing a job in intelligence research is devotion to protecting the United States from its enemies. The ability to communicate ideas to others is another important quality. In many instances, a professional in one area of Homeland Security must work with individuals in other departments to come up with effective ways to keep the US secure. Knowledge of computers is a requirement for many intelligence research jobs. Today, a lot of communication is accomplished online via email, text and instant messaging. A professional working in intelligence research must be familiar with the various methods of online communication in order to keep up with possible ways that other countries may threaten the US.

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Finally, a person who wants to use his or her skills and talents to protect the US may be suitable for intelligence research work. Jobs at homeland security are open to people with all types of education, skills and work experience. Persistence and dedication are necessary qualities in all of the Homeland Security jobs in intelligence research.