What Does Military Friendly School Really Mean?

militaryMilitary members who are leaving their branch of service and those who are military veterans often find that they need to get extra education in a career field of their choice after ending their military career. Education can help with finding a job and with transitioning into the civilian community. The challenge is finding a school that is understanding about the unique needs of the military community and helpful towards veterans. These qualities often lead a school to be called military friendly.

Qualities That Determine If A School Is Military Friendly

There are certain qualities a good school should have to be considered a military friendly school. Here are some qualities to look for when considering a school:

  • On Campus Support – The school should have programs to help veterans and military members like mentoring programs, counselors who are veterans, associations, clubs and career placement services
  • Accept Other Educational Sources – Sources like earlier military school training, credits from military service and the allowance of CLEP testing for college credit are important
  • A Ten Percent Military Student Population – A good indicator of a military friendly school is one with a military and veteran student population of at least 10 percent
  • Flexibility For Military Students – The most military friendly schools will have flexibility built in to scheduling to meet the needs of students who are still in the military and find they are deployed or given permanent change of station orders
  • Tuition Assistance – Military friendly schools will have programs in place to offer tuition aid to military and veterans

In addition, it is helpful if schools offer programs for military spouses and for the military members dependents. A school that offers a specific person assigned to military members to help in the capacity of a liaison or one that offers a counseling service to help military students is considered to be a military friendly school as well.

Other Important Qualities For Military Friendly Schools To Possess

One important thing that a military friendly school should have is a credible academic program with accreditation’s from National and Regional organizations. A school should also have approval from various government organizations, including VA approval, involvement in a program called MyCAA, that offers financial aid to military spouses and an SOC (Service-members Opportunity Colleges) affiliation to help military members who must do a lot of traveling and moving. This can help military members to keep pursuing their college degree without a lot of disruption because of relocations.

Military Friendly Schools Offer The Best Options

Military members and veterans often have special requirements due to military service. They are best served by colleges that offer strong support programs for them. Colleges that show a sensitivity to these needs will be the most helpful to military members pursuing degrees and will help them to make the best transition possible from military careers to a career in the civilian community. With a strong educational foundation provided by military friendly schools, service members and veterans go on to experience success in civilian life.