What Criminal Justice Jobs Are Available With a Military Degree?

Criminal JusticeIf you want to join the military after you graduate college and are interested in the criminal justice field, you might be wondering about the kinds of criminal justice jobs available with a military degree. As a general rule of thumb, the military courses that you’ll take in school will be in addition to the classes needed to major in another field of study. Because of this, you can choose to major in criminal justice or a related field while studying military science so that you’ll be prepared to start your career after graduation.

Criminal Investigations Special Agent

Each branch of the military has criminal justice jobs available for individuals with military degrees. For instance, the United States Army has eight different jobs in the legal and law enforcement field, according to the Army website. If you can’t get enough of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation or other similar shows, you might want to think about becoming a criminal investigations special agent. If you can get good grades in both your military science program and a criminal justice, forensic science, computer science or pre-law program, you’ll have a good shot at qualifying for the job. You’ll get to investigate espionage, terrorism and treason in this job, so if you love excitement, this career could be a great fit.

Military Police Officer

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a police officer since you were young, look no further. Many types of people can work for the military police, but if you want a military police officer job, you’ll want to study military science in school. This a criminal justice job that’s available to people with military degrees. You can become a military police officer without studying military science in college, but you’ll get your dream job much quicker and easier if you go through a military training program in school. As a military police officer, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Maneuver and mobility support operations
  • Area security operations
  • Law and order operations
  • Internment and resettlement operations
  • Police intelligence operations

Paralegal Specialist

One of the many criminal justice jobs available with a military degree, the paralegal specialist job is a great option for individuals who would like to be involved with the criminal justice system but would rather work in a relatively calm environment. Criminal law will be a fairly large part of your career if you choose to go this route, but you’ll also be involved with:

  • International law
  • Civil and administrative law
  • Contract law
  • Fiscal law

Because of this, you’ll be able to work in the criminal justice system while also getting to work in a variety of other areas. You won’t have to worry about having a monotonous day if you choose this career. In order to qualify for the job, you’ll have to get at least 105 on the clerical part of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.

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No matter which career you decide to get into, choosing to enter the military is an honorable and exciting option. There will be a variety of criminal justice jobs available to you with a military degree, so study hard and make the most of your time in college.