What Careers in Technology Management are Good for Former Military?

Technology is integrated into every aspect of our lives, from entertainment to business to healthcare, and as technology advances, careers in technology also continue to expand. Advances in technology such as the rise of big data, wearables, mobile applications, and cloud computing have created a high demand for skilled leaders and technicians to fill information technology positions in many sectors. In addition to seeking candidates with technical skills, more employers are looking for IT management professionals with the whole package: those who have leadership and communication acumen and those with the cultural sensitivity to work on cross-functional teams. For this reason, many employers are looking to hire veteran and former military candidates. The following are several careers in technology management to consider.

Technical Project Manager

Veterans with experience developing web applications should explore a career as a technical project manager. This role requires candidates to have a strong knowledge of security, OAuth, REST, and other API-related technologies. Those pursuing this role should also have a strong understanding of agile software development methodologies. If you are a former service member with a bachelor’s degree, and you have the ability to drive innovation, think outside of the box, and work with diverse external and internal audiences in a fast-paced environment, this career is for you.

IT Program Manager

Commanding officers are commonly responsible for ordering their troops to learn the job of the person above them. Then, if someone sustains an injury while in battle, someone else can quickly step up, take his or her place, and continue to make decisions. In the civilian world, an IT program manager has a similar role as he or she is responsible for understanding the duties and responsibilities of every person on his or her team, from designing to coding, in order to ensure that projects are completed successfully, on time, and within the organization’s budget.

IT Project Manager

An IT project manager must make sure that the different components of a particular technology project are executed with no mistakes and on time. This individual is responsible for keeping members on task. This could be a great career for a veteran who worked with complex technology in the field or on base or for someone who led a unit during his or her service. These types of experience require effective leadership, organization, and precision — also qualities of an effective project manager.

Compliance Manager

A compliance manager has the responsibility of keeping the ethical and legal integrity of a company intact through program planning and policy enforcement. He or she is tasked with ensuring that all departments, including the technology department, of an organization are complying with the regulations and rules that the company upholds. Veterans typically have experience in this field as they have similar duties during their service.

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From smaller organizations to large corporations such as Microsoft, more companies are helping veterans land careers, particularly positions in the technology sector, according to Forbes. With their strong problem-solving skills and a focus on taking the initiative and decision-making, many veterans may find that they fit well into the technology sector. Although most careers require additional education and training, they are still a logical career progression for those well-versed in computers and for those seeking careers in technology management.