What Can I Do With a Mathematics Degree and Military Experience?

Mathematics DegreeWhat is there to do in the business world with a mathematics degree and military experience? Believe it or not, you have a lot of options available to you if you are thinking about pursuing a career that combines your knowledge of math with the experience that you gained in the military.

Become a School Teacher

There are hundreds of school districts who are looking to provide a quality education for their children and the need for more teachers in mathematics is always big, according to National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  You can step right in and teach the kids about math and about life. You can use the lessons that you learned in the military to help students who may be disadvantaged and need help to overcome their issues both in school and outside of school. Those who have been in the military could provide inspiration for others who want to do something with their lives.

Work for the Government

There are many positions that you could have with the government if you have a math degree and experience in the military. The fact that you know a lot about math can help you develop weapons, create longer lasting food rations for soldiers or teach basic math principles to others that will help on the field of battle. For example, being able to teach others about physics could help snipers become better shots.

Stay in the Military to Train New Soldiers

Your military experience alone should give your the opportunity to train new soldiers if that is what you want to do. Those who have been in the service for many years and have proven to be proficient in one or more areas are often asked to teach new recruits the basics before they go off to battle. This allows you to avoid going to combat while still being able to stay in the military if that is what your passion is.

Teach at Military Colleges

There is more to a military education than learning how to fight or how to lead men as an officer. Students have to spend time in the classroom learning basic subjects such as math. You could become a professor at a military college such as West Point or the Air Force Academy.

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Run an ROTC in Your Home Town

You could run an ROTC in your hometown or simply be an military recruiter in your hometown. Your background in math can help you project how many soldiers that you need to recruit or help you pin down the demographics in your area before deciding on how you will meet your recruitment quotas. This is a great route to go for those who don’t want to leave the military behind or leave their family behind either.

What can you do with a military background and a degree in mathematics? If you have both of those things, the sky is the limit for what you can do. Depending on what your goals and passions are, you could stay home and recruit or teach students at military colleges and avoid going to battle. That may be the best of both worlds for yourself, the military and your family.