What Can I Do With A Degree In International Relations And Politics

A degree in international relations and politics can open the door to many career opportunities. For example, you could work at the United Nations, or you could work as a clerk for a Supreme Court justice. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to think outside of the box and realize that your skills can be used in a myriad of positions.

Run For Political Office

Many students who want to get their degree in politics tend to have ambitions of reaching elected office themselves. Whether it be a local, state or national office, it is difficult to break into the world of politics as a young person unless you have connections. Your degree will hopefully require you to attend political rallies, connect with local politicians and meet those who will help you meet your goal of winning your dream job.

Work Overseas

International relations students may want to take their career overseas. Large nations such as Australia, China and England are both modern and industrial. While working in those countries, you can learn about a different culture while helping your employer make inroads into new markets. For those who want a little more adventure in their lives, working in a developing market such as Brazil or India can prove to be a great resume boost.

You Could Be A Historian

If you have a love for history, your political and international relations degrees could help you become a respected historian. When it comes to history, it takes an intimate knowledge of the context that caused something like slavery to be tolerated or why women getting the right to vote was such a big deal. Minoring in history alongside your degree in politics or international relations could help you find work quickly after your college days are over.

Use Your Degree To Find Jobs Outside Of Your Field

You may come to a point where you don’t want to be a politician, work in China or do something that is directly related to your field. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t put your degree to good use. Your political knowledge and savvy will make you a perfect fit for a management position in fields such as retail or customer service. If you want to start your own company, your ability to negotiate will help you find clients and gain their trust quickly.

A degree in politics and international relations allows you to pursue a variety of career paths. Many politicians, historians and successful business owners have these degrees because understanding how people relate to each other gives you an advantage if you want to be successful working with people. Even if you don’t decide to do something directly related to these fields, the skills you learn and the experiences that you gain during your college years will make you a better person and leader in the future.