What are the Best Jobs for Former US Coast Guard Members?

What are the best jobs for former US Coast Guard members? It’s an important question to ask yourself once you get out of the service, especially if you did not enter into the Coast Guard with a solid plan for life back in the civilian world. Unfortunately, there are many men and women who exit service without knowing the options that are out there. Once you leave the Coast Guard, there’s a wide world of employment waiting for you – and knowing the jobs that are the most popular among your former colleagues can make a world of difference in your job search.

Law Enforcement Careers

According to Military.com, careers in law enforcement are always popular for those leaving the service. This is largely due to the similar skills involved in many postings, as well as the level of discipline expected among Coast Guard service members and police officers. Not only is going into law enforcement popular for many who leave the military, but many law enforcement units give preferential treatment to veterans. From extra points on exams to various career perks, law enforcement agencies across the United States are making it more attractive than ever for sailors to transition into law enforcement.

Management Consultant

American business’ love the level of organization and efficiency present in the military. Whether they have experience serving or not, most CEOs put a great deal of weight on the advice of veterans. This makes transitioning into the world of management consulting a viable and, according to AOL News, a lucrative option for former service members. Most consultants do tend to have business or finance degrees, but the thing that tends to open the most doors is one’s service. If you’ve spent your years in the Coast Guard learning the values of efficiency and discipline, consulting might be for you.

Government Work

Leaving the Coast Guard doesn’t mean you have to enter the private sector. A significant number of military veterans transition into civilian government jobs after leaving the service, and many find rewarding careers dealing with many of the same issues they encountered while in uniform. Veterans have preferential hiring status in government jobs, and your length of service can even have an impact on your pension. As the United States government is one of the largest employers in the country, there’s certainly no shortage of opportunities for those who have completed their tours of duty.

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Where Do You Go Next

It’s important to think about life after the Coast Guard not just as a transition, but as a chance to embrace new opportunities. There are many jobs out there that can allow veterans to excel, and many that provide preferential hiring status for those who have served. While it’s often difficult to picture life as a civilian after you have served, it’s always wise to begin planning early. Certain jobs will require you to take advantage of the educational opportunities afforded to you by your service, and determining your next steps after leaving the Coast Guard is the best way to start civilian life off on the right foot.