Should The School I Choose Be a Participant In The Service Members Opportunity College (SOC) Consortium?

Are you planning on taking advantage of the incentives you receive to attend college on the government’s dime for being in the military? If you are going to take advantage of the various tuition assistance programs and grants that are available to you, it is importance to enroll in the right right educational program offered by the right school. There are plenty of colleges and universities to choose from, but you may be wondering if the school that you choose should be a participant in the Service Members Opportunity College Consortium. If you are looking for answers before you dive in and commit to any college degree programs, here is a straightforward guide to help you during the application process.

What is the SOC Consortium and Why Was it Created for Active-Duty Military?

Service members Opportunity Colleges is a degree network system that was created in 1972 in an effort to make it easier for active-duty service members who move on a regular basis to complete a college degree program. Military members are stationed all around the globe, and many active-duty members want to use their time in the military to earn a degree so that they have more opportunities once they are discharged. Unfortunately, when you are in the military you never know when you assignment might change or when you will get deployed. To help military students who are serious about earning an associate’s, bachelor’s, or graduate-level degree, more than 1900 different institutions are participating in the SOC Consortium so that there are more practical post-secondary opportunities for all service members worldwide.

How Will Choosing a Participating Educational Institution Benefit You?

Have you ever enrolled in a class to find that the schedule simply does not work with your unpredictable and demand military schedule? There is nothing more frustrating than having a professor who is not willing to work with you. When you attend school at one of the 1900 institutions that participates with the SOC Consortium, you will be enrolling in classes with policies that are military-friendly. Instead of just accumulating a lot of course credits, you can actually complete your degree program in a shorter period of time without having to withdraw from courses and drop courses on a regular basis. Here are some of the promises that member colleges make:

* Reasonable transfer of credits so that you do not have to duplicate work
* Credit for military training
* Credit for nationally-recognized testing programs
* Distance education courses for all required courses

How to Find SOC Consortium Colleges

If you recognize the benefits of choosing a school within this network, you can easily find traditional or online colleges by visit the SOC website directly. By selecting a state, you can pinpoint the institutions that participate in your area and contact them directly to discuss degree program options.

Are you ready to really earn your degree? Do not duplicate your credits or miss out in transfer credits because you did not select a college that is a member of the SOC Consortium. Search the colleges, review the enrollment process, and start your courses so that you can have a better future.