How Do I Select a Good NROTC College?

If you are serving as a commissioned officer in the Navy, you may have an opportunity to attend school while you are still doing your duty to your country. One of the greatest things about Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps is that it is designed to develop reservists mentally, physically and even morally. As part of the development process, the NROTC program pushes those who would like to pursue careers in naval service and other careers domestically that require a college education. In an effort to prepare reservists for the future, there are a variety of different NROTC colleges and universities with units that cater to reservists pursuing their degree. If you are wondering how to go about finding which educational institutions have NROTC host units, read on and learn what you need to know.

Understanding NROTC and Why You Should Consider This Program

One of the main reasons why people pursuing a career in navy service choose the NROTC training program is because of the fact that it trains men and women how to lead sailors and other Marines and servicemen before actually taking on the role. By applying and entering into the NROTC program, students can learn what it is like to be a student and earn a commission before they become a midshipman. This is often seen as the gateway to commissioning and is can be a better choice than enlistment for those working to become an officer. The NROTC program will pay the student’s tuition, gives students access to scholarships, train you, and prepare you to live the life of an officer as well.

How to Select a Good College with an NROTC Host Unit

More than 70 different colleges host the NROTC program and even more cross-town affiliates, and selecting which college to attend may be a daunting task for some. Obviously, location may be a major determining factor, but location is not the only determination to keep in mind. When you are searching for the best college to attend, you should consider the types of programs that are offered by the college. If your focus is on technology, look for a school known for IT programs. If you would like to become a nurse, look for a quality RN program. While the program does offer you some special training to become an officer, it is like being a typical student and you must consider what career you are pursuing before you select a college.

How to Find Colleges and Research Them

You must take your time to research each of the colleges in your area. The easiest way to locate the NROTC programs in your area is to reference the college locator on the NROTC website. On this website, you can locate the schools with host units and the cross-town affiliate schools with other programs that are specialized. This locator also directs you to a school’s website so that you can learn more about the program.

To enter the NROTC program you must be between the ages of 17 and 23 or have prior military service under your belt. Apply for the program, decide on the type of degree you want to pursue, and select the best school with a host unit and a good reputation.