How Do I Get an Executive Protection Position With a Military Degree?

Executive ProtectionMilitary personnel are uniquely qualified to get an executive protection position with a military degree. In most cases, a military degree in the field is actually sufficient to qualify for entry-level positions protecting everyone form government officials to business executives and others who believe that they could personally benefit from this type of service on an ongoing basis. In order to land such a position, it might be worthwhile to consider a few resources and a few added educational experiences that might come into play and make a resume even more attractive to those doing the hiring.

Consider Online Degrees in Executive Projection Services

It’s hardly a secret that military degrees often don’t translate literally into the same qualifications earned an accredited college or university. Though military experience is perhaps the best training available to those seeking a role in executive protection services, it simply might not raise a candidate’s profile quite like a two-year or four-year degree in the field. Luckily, the increasing importance of executive protection means that degree programs are becoming more popular nationwide.

Look for degree programs offered specifically in executive protection, or for more comprehensive college programs that teach students the basics of security management. These programs will add excellent, accredited classroom theory to any resume and make military veterans even more marketable to employers.

Learn How to Talk About Military Training and Experiences

Anyone who can fight oversees for American ideals is certainly qualified to fight here at home when protecting the lives and property of those they’re charged with protecting. The key is to learn how to talk about military experience in a way that relates directly to protecting those in harm’s way. Reflect on military training experiences and combat scenarios, and be ready to talk about protective services offered, enemies defeated, and objectives accomplished, while serving in an active-duty capacity in any branch of the armed services.

Next, include these experiences on a resume when it’s submitted to prospective employers. Include a “related skills” section that focuses on training, combat, and any awards received while serving in the military. This will pique many employers’ interest, and help to overcome any lack of accredited degrees in the field.

Look for Positions that Recognize Military Training

The great thing about gaining military training and degrees is that they’re offered by the government and often recognized most consistently by public employers. Consider searching for executive protection jobs within state or federal government offices, since these positions will be most likely to recognize the rigor and integrity of military training and professional degrees. These job experiences can also help military veterans gain non-government jobs after a few years of experience, putting them on an even playing field with candidates who received their training and skills from a traditional college or university.

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Excellent Opportunities Abound for Military Veterans in Executive Protection

Executive protection is a fast-growing industry, and veterans are primed to take advantage of that growth with their unique set of skills, according to the Global Post. By learning how to properly showcase those skills, whether it’s placing them on a polished resume or talking about them authoritatively in a job interview, they’re sure to help candidates land a position protecting today’s officials. With a combination of military skills, potential college training, and targeted applications to receptive government jobs, it’s easy to get an executive protection position with a military degree.