How Can You Get a Job With Homeland Security With a Military Degree?

Homeland SecurityThere are many avenues by which one can get a job with homeland security with a military degree. A degree earned from the military can actually be as beneficial in getting a homeland security job as a degree earned from any other place.

The DHS, or Department of Homeland Security, is a massive entity. There are many degrees that can be earned via military enlistment that are highly relevant to the DHS and jobs therein. Below are some of the best examples.

B.S Computer Engineering

A B.S in computer engineering will make one highly attractive to information security. Information security is required in all agencies under the control of DHS. Whether you are protecting key communications, or monitoring those of the enemy, this crucial role falls to those with such a degree.

B.A Linguistics

The Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics is yet another degree that can be used in many areas of homeland security. By being formally educated in everything language, linguistics, one can work in code-breaking, language translation, and even language use within technology and machines. A major in linguistics is a great way to get into homeland security.

B.S, B.A Management

Effective management is an absolute necessity within the military. This is also true of DHS. Anyone with a major in management or business management will be of a certain innate value to DHS. Because of its broad area of use, this major also allows for one to have many choices as to which particular DHS agency they would like to serve under.

B.S Criminal Justice

Inherently, and as noted by its name, DHS is all about security and law enforcement as a preventive measure against domestic attack of any kind. Subsequently, a degree in criminal justice directly aligns one with the center of the division’s mission. Again, this degree is one that will provide great choice in agency and position placement within the DHS.

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Consult DHS

The above-mentioned degrees are some of the best routes into DHS. However, there are many others that can be earned through military service that will also open doors to DHS careers. For those seeking DHS employment via such military-backed degrees, we strongly recommend reaching out DHS directly, as well as spending some time examining their open job listings. Any remaining questions can thus be alleviated by the source itself. While the route you take is up to you, you can be certain that there are many options for those seeking to get a homeland security job with a military degree.