Do I Have a Better Chance Of Getting a Job With Military Experience?

MILITARY EXPERIENCE JOBS are those that require a certain kind of candidate. These jobs are suitable for individuals who possess a certain character, a wide knowledge base, and specialized skills. If you’re wondering whether military experience gives you a better shot at landing a job, wonder no more. You definitely have an edge over the competition, and here’s why.

You Are Trustworthy

Many military members are required to have security clearances on duty. That means they are trusted to keep top secret information and tangibles hidden and protected from the outside world. To obtain such security clearances, you must pass background checks, drug tests, and more to ensure that you are of suitable character for the work. Most employers, especially governmental ones, value honest employees who know how to keep confidential information confidential.

You Are Dependable

Every workplace wants to hire reliable workers. If you’re ex-military, you’ve undergone extensive training, and you’re probably very used to discipline. According to Job Hunt, many employers will seek out candidates with military experience because they know that these individuals have potential to be very disciplined and hard-working employees who do everything by the book.

You Are a Great Communicator

Many jobs that involve customer service are a good fit for people with previous military experience because they require excellent communication skills. Men and women who have served in the armed forces develop their oral and written communication abilities by writing reports, presenting briefings, instructing lower rank members, and more. Sales representatives and journalists might not see themselves as having MILITARY EXPERIENCE JOBS, but they would definitely benefit from having great communication skills strengthened through military service.

You Are a Competent Leader

Officers often lead and supervise teams of up to 40 individuals. Higher-rank commanders may be in charge of thousands of infantrymen. If you’ve served in some leadership role in the military, your leadership skills will transfer over very well to management positions, according to Leading by example is both ideal in the armed forces and in the civilian world.

You Are Physically Fit

Physical training is a basic requirement of military service. One must be both mentally and physically tough to succeed in a war zone. Physical fitness is also necessary for many manual labor jobs such as construction or mining. In fact, you will do better at just about any job by being healthy and strong. Stocking aisles at a supermarket, running around the office to make copies, demonstrating a proper throw as a Judo instructor–all the above require some level of physical fitness.

You Are Trained to Defend Life and Property

Law enforcement and armed security are definitely MILITARY EXPERIENCE JOBS. The transition from soldier to police officer or security officer should be quite seamless because the skills required for all are very similar. Police officers and armed guards both have the duty of protecting others from harm. When necessary, they may use lethal force, and military training will surely come in handy during a deadly confrontation. Most law enforcement officers and armed guards have some type of military background.

Those who have military experience will almost always have an advantage when it comes to getting hired. The highly structured military environment molds ordinary men and women into trustworthy, disciplined, well-spoken, and physically-fit leaders who are ready to tackle all kinds of MILITARY EXPERIENCE JOBS.

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