Can You Get a Public Health Job with a Military Degree?

Public Health JobsIf you are a military veteran planning to get a degree, you might be interested in getting a public health job with a military degree. The great news is that healthcare jobs in both public and private sectors are growing rapidly. Additionally, many positions in public health give hiring preference to veterans. Here are some details about pursuing a career in public health:

Jobs in Public Health

With a career in public health, you’ll be working with people in one of several types of settings. Some public health positions involve working directly with the federal government. Other positions include jobs with state and local health organizations, jobs in human services agencies, and work with private healthcare institutions. Public health workers often focus on the prevention of contagious or chronic illnesses. Many workers in this field focus on a specific demographic such as the elderly, children or a certain racial group. Some health workers, rather than focusing on disease, work on health behaviors in an effort to prevent things like violence or accidental injury.

The range of jobs in public health is wide and varied. Positions you might seek include

  • Public health engineer
  • Environmentalist
  • Health communications specialist
  • Health promotion program coordinator
  • Nurse or nurse educator
  • Public health consultant
  • Public health planner

Several other jobs are also available to those with advanced degrees, both master’s and doctoral.

Getting a Job in Public Health

Since jobs in the healthcare industry are currently in high demand, you shouldn’t have difficulty getting one with your military degree as long as you focus on getting a job that is relevant to your chosen degree program. As you may have realized while reading the list of potential jobs, not all public health jobs require degrees in nursing or healthcare. You can get a job as a public health engineer with an engineering degree. Environmentalists usually get their degrees in environmental studies or in a related science such as biology or chemistry. Most communications specialists that work in public health study journalism or communications in an undergraduate program. Of course, a nursing program, which is specifically a program in healthcare, will also qualify you to work in public health.

Depending on the specific degree program and career path you take toward public health, you may be required by employers or the state in which you work to be certified. Once you get any recommended certifications, you can begin sending applications and resumes to prospective employers. As a military veteran, you can get assistance in your job search online or at a local Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) office.

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Public health jobs are great opportunities for former military personnel. The market is bursting with opportunities in this field, and many of the positions provide preference to veterans. Now that you know you can get a public health job with a military degree, the decision is yours concerning what career in public health you wish to pursue.