Can You Get A Medical Job With a Military Degree?

Medical JobsDid you know that you can get a medical job with a military degree? People outside of the military often think that these are specialized degrees that let service men and women advance through the ranks faster. A military degree is actually just a degree that is only available to those on active duty. You can choose from dozens of different degree programs and complete your studies anywhere the military sends you. While enrolled in a military degree program, check out some of the jobs you might get later.

Medical Assistant

While you technically only need a certificate to work as a medical assistant, earning your degree lets you enter the field with more experience and knowledge. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of medical assistants is $29,370 a year. The BLS also found that the medical assisting field will increase at a much faster than average rate. Assistants work in hospitals, offices and clinics to assist doctors and their patients. They might take the vital statistics of patients, answer phones or take patient histories.

Medical Transcriber

Medical transcriber is one medical job with a military degree that you can get after leaving the military. A transcriber has an important job. Doctors often take notes on small recorders when they don’t have access to pens. Using those devices helps them get through the day faster and help more patients. Transcribers listen to those recordings at the end of the day and write down everything the doctor said. This might include information on the medications that a patient takes, the vital statistics of a patient or even detailed logs about the advice the doctor gave to the patient.

Medical Billing and Coding

Many schools that offer military degrees offer medical billing and coding programs. Have you ever wondered how a hospital or clinic keeps track of patients and the services given every day? Billers and coders have access to detailed codes that consist of multiple letters and numbers. They use those codes to record the tests that doctors ordered, any equipment given to patients and the other services rendered. That information then goes to the insurance companies associated with each patient. During your military degree program, you’ll look at the different codes used by different facilities and how to create detailed records.

Medical Manager

With a military degree, you may qualify to work as a medical manager. A medical manager is responsible for the daily operations of a medical facility. They hire maintenance workers to clean and make repairs, doctors and nurses who work with patients and receptionists to answer phones and meet with patients. To get this type of medical job with a military degree, you need to possess strong organizational skills. In addition to hiring workers, you’ll also create the schedules based on the availability of each of your workers. Managers also order new equipment and supplies, take care of complaints from patients and handle any of the facility’s other needs.

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While you do your part to protect and serve your country, you can also earn your college degree. Military degree programs will follow you all around the world. The type of medical job with a military degree you can get depends on your training and degree, but you might find work in medical billing and coding, management, assisting or transcribing.