Can You Get a Job With the NSA With a Military Degree?

NSAIf you are in the process of attending college to pursue a career in Homeland Security, you may be interested in finding out if you can get a job with NSA with a military degree. A military degree is a degree earned by an individual in the service who is attaining on-the-job experience while also attending a college or university.

Students and servicemen who are pursuing a degree while they are enlisted or after they are enlisted can benefit as they begin to look for jobs in the private sector and public sector by earning their degree. While many private companies are committed to hiring veterans, public agencies like the NSA are actively looking for veterans with degrees to fill openings. Read on, and learn more about NSA openings and the requirements that you must satisfy to apply for a position.

Investigative Positions With the NSA

The National Security Agency is a large operation with a wide variety of different positions to choose from. One title you may be interested in if you are an inquisitive individual who likes to follow clues and investigate is the security investigator title. As an investigator, you will order background checks and use data to conduct investigations regarding national security breachs. If you discover important information, you will write reports and submit these reports to teams who are planning security missions. While investigative experience is not a must, you must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, according to the NSA. A military degree will be accepted as long as it was earned at an accredited institution.

Law Enforcement Opportunities

Many people with military experience choose to pursue a position in law enforcement once they are no longer actively serving. If you would like to work in or around Fort Meade in Maryland, working as an NSA police officer could be a good path for you. While a degree is not required, having one in a relevant field could be helpful to get your resume noticed. The NSA will provide applicants who possess the right skills and experience with the training that they need to serve the country as a police officer who works for the Federal government.

What is the NSA Looking For?

As you compare all of the job opportunities that are available with the NSA, it is important to consider what the agency is looking for. Be sure you have a thoroughly detailed resume that includes your military and international experience. If you have experience in the intelligence community, this can also help your application be considered. In addition to experience, the NSA is looking for people who are currently in college or who possess a degree and have studied abroad. Having your standardized test scores on hand for the recruiters to review can also be helpful.

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Federal applicants must compete with highly qualified applicants from all over the nation who have degrees and years of experience. Having both military experience and a military degree can help you get attention from an agency that prefers to hire Federal retirees and ex-military applicants. Make sure that you earn a degree in a major that will benefit you in your search for a job with the agency. If you want a job with NSA with a military degree, work on a strong resume and build your skills while you are in school and it will happen.