Can You Get A Job With the FBI With a Military Degree?

FBIThe Federal Bureau of Investigation is one of the largest and most important security agencies in the country, and you can get a job with FBI with a military degree. The FBI is just one several government agencies that requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree for its workers. Agents work in one of the offices located across the country and investigate federal crimes. Your military background and degree can help you better perform many tasks associated with the job.

What is a Military Degree?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a military degree is a specialized degree that looks at military operations or another task relating to the military. This is actually a degree that military men and women can complete while enrolled in active duty. As your classes are online, you can complete your assignments and respond to discussions while stationed in the United States or abroad. Some schools even offer distance learning programs designed for those without Internet access. You can major in any field, and you’ll have access to all the same opportunities that you would if you were physically on campus.

Critical Skills with the FBI

To get a job with FBI with a military degree, you must fall within one of the five special agent categories and meet one or more of the critical skills area. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, those five special agent categories are accounting, computer science, language law or diversification. The FBI lists its critical skills areas as accounting, finance, computer science, engineering, foreign languages, law, law enforcement and a few other areas. As the FBI only hires those with experience in one of those critical skills areas, you must ensure that your history and background qualifies you for one of those areas. The FBI only hires new employees when it has an open slot in one of those categories.

FBI Age Requirements

Many people don’t realize that the FBI has age requirements for its agent. You can only apply for a job if you are at least 23 years old but not older than 37. You must also ensure that you will be under the age of 37 before you start your new job. Those with a military background who meet some eligibility requirements may seek a job with the FBI after reaching the age of 37.

Other Requirements of Agents

While you can get a job with FBI with a military degree, you need to know more about the other requirements of new agents. Your college degree must be at least a bachelor’s degree and come from a college or university with accreditation and located in the United States. All applicants must have a valid driver’s license and be willing to relocate for a job. As the FBI operates offices across the country, you won’t know your assignment until you receive a job offer. Applicants must also pass a credit check and criminal background check and pass a physical health examination.

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The FBI hires agents capable of working in the field and helping solve crimes. Those with a military background have the strength and skills needed to pass a physical and other requirements of the job. As long as your degree is at the bachelor’s level, you can get a job with FBI with a military degree.