Can You Get A Job With the CIA With a Military Degree?

CIAThe Central Intelligence Agency is one of the largest organizations in the federal government, which might explain why some wonder if they can get a job with CIA with a military degree. Though you might think that a military background will do you well working for this agency, the CIA actually needs people with a wide range of experience and education. While the time you spent in the military can provide with some of the skills the CUA looks for, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can land a job right away.

Advantages of a Military Degree

A military degree program is a program designed to help active men and women better themselves and earn a college degree. Similar to online schools and distance learning programs, you take your general education courses and the courses need for your major through online and distance learning methods. While a few schools will let you take classes at a nearby campus, others require that you take all your courses through that school. You’ll develop strong organizational and time management skills in the program.

Do You Have a Clean Background?

Getting a job with CIA with a military degree is possible, but you must have a clean background. When you enlist in the military, your branch can gain access to your juvenile or sealed records, which can limit your chances for future advancement. You must also have a clean background when you apply for jobs with the CIA too. The CIA will turn you down for jobs even if you only have a single ticket or arrest on your record. Only those with perfectly clean criminal records are suitable for working with the agency.

Do You Speak a Second Language?

While proficiency in two or more languages isn’t required to work for the CIA, it does increase your chances of landing that job. While enlisted in the military and working overseas, you might find yourself developing language skills that relate to your new country. The CIA hires a number of analysts and others, and many of those jobs require that applicants can speak, read and write at least two languages. Depending on the needs of the organization, those who speak Spanish, French or German might have a better chance of getting a job.

Do You Meet Any Other Requirements?

According to the CIA, those currently enlisted in the military must meet any requirements for their enlistment before working for the agency. It does suggest that interested parties apply for a job with CIA with a military degree during their last year of enlistment. The CIA gives no preference to those who served in the military, but it does give preference to certain types of degrees. Using your military degree to study information technology, computer science or a similar field can give you a leg up. All applicants must be at least 18 and have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree before applying for a job with the CIA.

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Though many people think of the CIA as a spying agency, it actually handles a number of different tasks. As a military student, you have the chance to study topics that will help you fit the requirements needed for jobs with that agency. Getting a job with CIA with a military degree is possible, but you need to study the right topic and meet other requirements as well.