Does the Military Provide 100 Percent Tuition Assistance?

Every college student, whether just graduating from high school or a non-traditional student like military personal, has to worry about the cost of attending their chosen university. However, there are certain perks that military members receive due to their service to the country. In fact, a common question asked by members of the military, or prospective military members, is whether the military provides one hundred percent tuition assistance. Unfortunately, due to the broadness of the question, this is hard to completely answer since each branch of the military (e.g. Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard) has different guidelines for assistance and eligibility.


The Army will assist their military members with tuition. The assistance will usually cover the cost of tuition and basic fees, but there are cases in which the service member is taking a course(s) that exceeds the 250 dollar limit for a Semester Credit Hour. To be truthful, there are a few more exceptions to the ‘one hundred percent’ tuition assistance. The student will have to cover any cost that exceed the previously mentioned amount and/or costs that go over the 166 dollar limited for each Quarter Credit Hour or the maximum of 4500 dollars per fiscal year.
For service members that are not currently on active duty, there is a requirement that the student must have served at least twenty days in active duty, not including time taken for training.

Air Force

While the Air Force follows similar guidelines, they differ slightly in the fact that this branch of the military offers seventy-five percent tuition assistance alongside the one hundred percent tuition assistance. Of course, these two types of assistance do not work together at the same time, but instead offer a way for a service member in the Air Force to qualify when they would otherwise not meet the required qualifications for tuition assistance.

Other Branches

The other branches of the military also offer tuition assistance to their service members, but they typically fall within the same guidelines as the two previously mentioned branches. The main difference between guidelines exists in how the members qualify to receive tuition assistance. For instance, the Coast Guard extends their tuition assistant benefits to their civilian employees.

Who to Contact

Service members have a vast array of resources available if they have questions about their tuition assistance or edibility for tuition assistance. For starters, there is often a local recruiter for each branch that can explain the inner-workings of that particular branches tuition assistance. After all, they are trained to know the facts about the benefits that military members receive since these are usually areas that help enlist potential members.  Moreover, the university, or college, will have people in their financial aid office that are specifically designated to handle military tuition assistance. This is because the tuition assistance will, under most circumstances, be paid directly to the school. These workers will not only be able to help in learning more about the tuition assistance, but they will also be able to start the paperwork to make sure everything goes through.

All in all, the country’s military members are more than deserving of this tuition assistance. Though there are many differences between the branches of the military, in regards to how their tuition assistance programs work, they all provide assistance for service members to continue their education. Please visit for more information on the precise requirements of each military branch.