Top 10 Best Online Military Degrees 2015

Published April 2015
By MDP Staff

If you are an active duty military member or veteran thinking of going back to school, you are probably wondering what some of the most military friendly degrees are. A plethora of schools claim to be “military friendly,” and boast steep tuition discounts and special resources for members of the armed services. However, this doesn’t really help when it comes to actually picking a major. And if you try to research online military degrees, chances are you will find a wide range of websites spewing suggestions that often contradict each other.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the cream of the crop – the true, top 10 best programs for veterans and military service people. Most of these degrees are available at multiple education levels, so you can find what you need whether you just want to acquire some foundational knowledge or are prepared for an advanced program. In determining our final selection, we cross referenced nearly a dozen different reputable sources to determine which academic degrees experts most often recommend for veterans. The following ten choices all appeared multiple times, suggesting that everyone from career counselors to the U.S. Military itself recommends them highly. You can see a full list of the sources we used by seeing the “Articles Consulted” section at the end of this article.

Homeland Security and Intelligence Analysis Degree Program

1. Intelligence Analysis/Warfare/Homeland Security

Intelligence Analysis and Homeland Security are all about discovering potential threats to the domestic and foreign interests of the United States, making the topics the perfect focus for a military friendly degree program. This field of study is quite diverse, ranging from domestic international law and human rights to quantitative political analysis. Through critical analysis of past and present geopolitical conflict, students in these programs gain the skills to serve their country in a variety of roles. Graduates wielding these degrees can find work in policy, intelligence analysis, and law enforcement, among other career paths.

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Information Technology and Security Degree Program

2. IT and Information Security/Technology/Computer Science

Military members and veterans alike understand that information security equates to national security. A degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is a great way to begin a career protecting important data from theft and/or inappropriate release. These programs offer a variety of specializations, from programming to computer network systems to web development, all of which offer a wide range of career paths in the public and private sector alike. Get a leg up on this high-stakes, high-demand field that is so vital to the digital infrastructure of our country with a degree from an online military college.

ITT Tech – Computer Network Systems
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Information Technology Management Degree Program

3. IT and Technology Management

Typically, management degrees in this area are geared toward professionals who already have a technical specialization in their field. But for veterans who are prepared to step into a leadership role with their G.I. Bill degree, IT and Technology Management programs at the bachelor’s level are a springboard into a promising career. Balancing a course load of current and emerging technology and information systems with management courses like technical writing and risk management, a cheap online military degree in IT and Technology Management will prepare you for everything this challenging field has to offer.

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Operations and Logistics Management Degree Program

4. Operations and Logistic Management

Success in the military depends on a person’s ability to perform time-critical operations and keep track of multiple moving parts simultaneously. These abilities translate well into a career in operations and logistics. If you are fascinated by how experts coordinate global shipping and transportation supply chains, you might be interested in a military friendly degree in Operations and Logistics Management. These programs will teach you how to develop efficient, agile logistics operations through supply chain management and inventory and quality control. At the national and global level, logistics is what makes and breaks the biggest companies in the world, making the career opportunities in this field both lucrative and exciting.

Franklin University: Operations and Supply Chain Management
West Kentucky: Logistics and Operations Management
UMSL: Logistics and Operations Management

Criminal Justice Degree Program

5. Criminal Justice

To most civilians, Criminal Justice sounds like it’s all about getting the bad guys. But military members and veterans understand that there’s more to real justice than that—it’s about keeping the peace and protecting your community. An online military degree in Criminal Justice is an affordable way to open the door to a variety of careers in public service, from law enforcement and criminology to litigation. These programs typically feature interdisciplinary coursework in psychology, forensics, and criminal law, providing students with rich insight into the minds and behaviors of criminals.

Kaplan University: Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree
Olivet: Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Degree

Counterterrorism Degree Program

6. Counter Terrorism Studies

Terrorism is one of the greatest threats to emerge on the global stage in this generation. Military members and veterans looking to defend international democracy off the battlefield should look no further than a degree in Counter Terrorism Studies from an online military college. With a curriculum featuring courses on global politics, strategic intelligence, cyber warfare, and more, these programs prepare students for meaningful work in the public and private sector. Between the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and corporate security programs around the world, Counter Terrorism majors are in high demand.

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Engineering Degree Program

7. Engineering

Military technology features some of the most impressive feats of engineering the world has ever seen. A military degree in Engineering could be your ticket to a rewarding career designing a wide array of fascinating machines and gadgets for practical use. Engineering programs offer an attractive range of specializations, including civil, aerospace, mechanical, automotive, biomedical, electrical, robotics engineering, and too many more to even fit in this description. But they all share two main characteristics: lots of math and lots of career opportunities. Can you picture yourself using the wonder of mathematical equations to design cars, planes, computers, or guns? If so, you might want to consider a degree in Engineering.

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Healthcare Administration and Technology Degree Programs

8. Healthcare Technology and Administration

Following the institution of the Affordable Healthcare Act and other mounting complexities in the healthcare industry within the United States, healthcare has taken on increasing importance as an industry. In particular, administrative and technical programs in healthcare represent extremely military friendly degree options because they allow you to provide for the health your country without years of extended residency and grueling admissions standards. Degree programs in this field will teach you everything you need to know about running a healthcare clinic, from insurance policy to healthcare finance and management, and everything in between. With valuable knowledge on the managerial and technical components of healthcare, you could start a career at a small, private practice or a large regional hospital—it’s all up to you.

Healthcare Administration Degree
DeVry University: Healthcare Administration
Kaplan University: Health Sciences

Business Administration Degree Program

9. Business Administration

Business is the engine that drives this great nation, and you can be part of it with a military friendly degree program in Business Administration. While some might reject this option for sounding somewhat boring, BA programs actually offer a number of interesting specializations in highly focused areas such as accounting, consulting, marketing, and strategic management, where you can develop your particular strengths and interests and jumpstart your career. With additional curriculum in micro- and macroeconomics, math, and statistics, a degree in Business Administration will prepare you succeed within the high-stakes arena of American national and global business.

Kaplan University: Business Administration
Sonoma Career Services
DeVry: Business Administration

Nursing Degree Program

10. Nursing

Veterans understand better than most that the military is more about helping people than hurting them. With a degree in Nursing, veterans can help their fellow citizens receive the health care and medical treatment that is their birthright. Nursing degrees come in all shapes in sizes, from entry-level bachelor’s degrees to doctoral degrees in teaching and research. Along the way, nursing students acquire education in macro- and microbiology, human anatomy, psychology, pharmacology, and more—almost everything a pre-med student would learn. Nurses are currently in demand in nearly every hospital and medical clinic around the country, so if you are looking for a military friendly degree that can help you help people, while also offering unparalleled job security, you’re in luck.

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