About Military Degree Programs

Military Degree Programs is a privately sponsored resource to assist service members and military veterans in making educational decisions. We have information about the GI Bill and the schools that provide the best education to military members and veterans, and we can point you toward resources that help military families and families of veterans in their educational pursuits.

The government has a variety of educational programs available to help military member, military families and veterans. These include

  • Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • Montgomery GI Bill
  • Reserve Educational Assistance Program
  • Veterans Educational Assistance Program
  • Survivors and Dependents Educational Assistance Program
  • Educational Assistance Pilot Program
  • National Call to Service Program

In addition to providing information on these programs and links to program websites, Military Degree Programs also offers information about schools that provide quality education to military personnel, veterans and military families. Our website includes information about paying for school as well as rankings of the best degrees and degree programs.

Whether you are considering a military career, currently serving our country, a veteran or a non-military member of a military family, you can rely on Military Degree Programs to provide you with the best guidance and information concerning higher education.

Since military veterans get hiring preference for government jobs, we can help guide you on an educational path that will prepare you for a rewarding career in the private sector. Our FAQ section features answers to many questions that face military members transitioning to civilian life, and we have a full selection of links and well-researched articles that can help you choose a course of study and a career path that will make the best use of you military training and your personal strengths.

To learn more, take some time to browse our website. You can also contact us for further assistance.